Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sculpture # 307

Sculpture # 307
Crocheted wool, metallic yarns, wood and metal 

This is another of the Distorts that comes with some interesting history — this time it's the wools used in the core area of the work. The red yarn is from a knitter who used this yarn to knit hats for Swami Baba Muktananda. The wool was then passed along to another knitter whose path recently crossed with mine. (For many years I worked in an art studio in New York that had a poster-sized image of Baba wearing one of these wool hats.) 
As it happened, I got to be in a location in Vancouver for a night where I met a couple travelling from Hawaii. They showed interest in art and fibre and, after enthusiastic conversation, we shared our current projects. The next morning, after reporting a dream where I used the "Baba" yarn to make a work, I was gifted a portion of the yarn and am delighted to have connected to this part of my life in New York. —Many Thanks Nancy and Errol

detail of sculpture 307/333

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